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Receipt of material
Mon. - Fri.: 7.30 -17.00


You can find notes on sample taking for the microbiology sector here .


Sample notes

The quality of laboratory medical diagnostics depends fundamentally on the pre-analytics, i.e. covering the proper extraction of the test material, correct packing and immediate transport to the laboratory.

Sample taking

To attain optimal test material we recommend that sample taking be carried out according to standardised procedures. For example: In the case of patients, who have fasted, always take the sample in the same position, either sitting or lying, and at roughly the same time of day each time.

For blood samples please note:

  • Block the veins for as short a time as possible!
  • When using tubes containing an anticoagulant additive tilt the tube carefully several times directly after taking the sample in order to mix the blood and the additive. Please do not shake!
  • Do not expose blood samples to direct sunlight nor store them in the free compartment (Risk of haemolysis)!
  • Exact details on type, quantities and possible special properties of the required test material should be taken from our test directory.
  • Materials for the test sampling and dispatch can be ordered by clicking on the column Versandmaterial.

Instructions for specific sampling

If the sampling involves an unusual material such as e.g. Bactec®9000 blood cultures, 13C breath test or H2 lactose breath test we can provide you with a brief guide on request. Please contact the office of quality control, QMB Ms Malms-Fleschenberg.