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MVZ Dr. Eberhard & Partner Dortmund (ÜBAG)
Laboratoriumsmedizin Dortmund
Dept. Microbiology
Balkenstraße 17-19
44137 Dortmund, Germany
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Laboratory Medicine

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Microbiology, Hygiene

MB PetrischalenTurmThe department Microbiology and Hygiene is part of Laboratory Medicine Dortmund in the MVZ Dr. Eberhard & Partner Dortmund. The microbiology and hygiene department works closely with the other laboratory areas at Laboratory Medicine Dortmund, for example with the infection serology department.

The fact that viable micro organisms are necessary for testing places specific demands on the quality of sample materials, transport and processing speed. It is generally advisable to have the microbiological routine diagnostics performed regionally and to avoid sub-optimal pre-analytical conditions such as long transport distances etc.


Based on our stringent quality management both microbiological diagnostics and hospital hygiene as well as water hygiene have been accredited by the German accreditation council, Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle DAkkS.
Accreditation microbiological diagnostics: D-ML-13403-01-00 [PDF, 5 MB]
Accreditation hospital hygiene, water hygiene: D-PL-13403-01-00 [PDF, 760 KB]