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Author(s): Wandt H, Schäkel U, Kroschinsky F, Prange-Krex G, Mohr B, Thiede C, Pascheberg U, Soucek S, Schaich M, Ehninger G.

MLD according to the WHO classification in AML has no correlation with age and no independent prognostic relevance as analyzed in 1766 patients

Published: Blood (2008), 111(4), S. 1855-1861

Author(s): Aretz S, Stienen D, Uhlhaas S, Stolte M, Entius MM, Loff S, Back W, Kaufmann A, Keller K-M, Blaas SH, Siebert R, Vogt S, Spranger S, Holinski-Feder E, Sunde L, Propping P, Friedl W

High proportion of large genomic deletions and a genotype-phenotype update in 80 unrelated families with juvenile polyposis syndrome

Published: Journal of Medical Genetics, 2007, 44:702-709

Author(s): Hasselblatt M, S Föllinger, P Steinbach, A Schwan, W Paulus

Corticobasal degeneration presenting with progressive spasticity

Published: NEUROLOGY 68 (2007); S. 791-792

Author(s): Warnecke T, Duning T, Schwan A, Lohmann H, Epplen JT, Young P

A novel form of autosomal recessive hereditary spastic paraplegia caused by a new SPG7 mutation

Published: NEUROLOGY 69 (2007); S. 368-375

Author(s): Nareyeck G., Zeschnigk M., Prescher G., Lohmann D.R., Anastassiou G.

Establishment and characterization of two uveal melanoma cell lines derived from tumors with loss of one chromosome

Published: 3. Exp Eye Res. 2006 Oct; 83(4);Epub 2006 Jun 5. Review. PMID: 16750193; S. 858-64;

Author(s): Schwan A, JT Epplen

Predictive testing and genetic counselling

Published: Encyclopedic Reference of Genomics and Proteomics in Molecular Medicine, D Ganten, K Ruckpaul (ea); 2006, S. 1453-1456

Author(s): U. Demme, J. Becker, H. Bussemas, F. Erdmann, M. Erkens, P.X. Iten, H. Käferstein, J.K. Lusthoff, H.J. Magerl, L.v.Meyer, A. Reiter, A. Schmoldt, E. Schneider, H.W. Schütz, Th. Stimpfl, F. Tarbah, J. Teske, W. Vycudilik, J.P. Weller and W. Wei

Systematic evaluation of 1-chlorobutane for liquid-liquid extraction of drugs

Published: TIAFT "43 International Meeting (Seoul Korea) 29. August (2005)

Author(s): Alber B, M Pernauer, A Schwan, G Rothmund, KT Hoffmann, D Brummer, AD Sperfeld, I Uttner, H Binder, JT Epplen, J Dullinger, AC Ludolph, T Meyer

Spastin related hereditary spastic paraplegia with dysplastic corpus callosum

Published: J NEUROL SCI 236 (2005), S. 9-12

Author(s): Meyer T, A Schwan, JS Dullinger, J Brocke, KT Hoffmann, CH Nolte, A Hopt, U Kopp, P Andersen, JT Epplen, P Linke

Early-onset ALS with long-term survival associated with spastin gene mutation

Published: NEUROLOGY 65 (2005); S. 141-143

Author(s): Norbert Ostendorf, Thomas Glosemeyer-Allhoff, Katrin Schauerte, Raina Yamamoto

Hemoglobin (Hb) Stanleyville II Causes Gross Overestimation of the Hb A1c Proportion in Routine HPLC.

Published: Clinical Chemistry 51, No 9 (2005); S. 1752-1754

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